Integrate with Taskstreamer

Taskstreamer plays nice with other applications based on API’s. If we don’t publicly offer a specific one yet, just ask.
Taskstreamer integrations

Two-way Jira synchronisation

Our Jira integration synchronizes issues types Epics, Stories and Sub-tasks. Attributes like title, description, state, assignee are kept the same between both systems.

As Taskstreamer works with teams and Jira with projects, you can map Jira projects to Taskstreamer teams. You can set as many rules as you want and per rule determine which direction the sychronization should work.

Per issue type you can choose to:
  • Sychronize both ways
  • Sychronize from Jira to Taskstreamer
  • Sychronize from Taskstreamer to Jira
  • Not sychronize that specific issue type at all for that project
Of course you can also map states as they can differ in Jira vs Taskstreamer.
Jira rules
Set Jira integration rules

Single Sign On (SSO) with OKTA

Okta logo
Taskstreamer offers it own user accounts with its own login. If your organization uses OKTA as their Single Sign On system your can configure your account to act as the authenticator for Taskstreamer.

Once set, the login feature of Taskstreamer will be disabled in favor of the OKTA one. This enables you the manage user accounts from OKTA and not in both systems.
Okta dashboard
Okta assign user dashboard

Link story administration to development in Github

Github logo
If you link your Github repositories to Taskstreamer, all Commits and Pull Requests (PR) done by developers that contain a ticket id can be tracked in the Story details.

This means the story and code development administration are linked and you can trace your releases to Stories.
Github commits and pull request
Github Commits & Pull Requests tab

Do your (remote) poker session in Slack

Slack logo
With Taskstreamer you can do your poker planning for Stories in Slack. This is very useful for remote teams but even teams that are in the same room, can benefit from poker planning in Slack.

The PO, Scrum Master or anyone that acts as the chairman of the Poker session, makes a request to get the Poker points for a certain story.

Every team member receives a Slack message in the designated Slack channel to cast his or her vote. Each vote is visible to the chairman in Taskstreamer.

If everyone agrees, the chairman can set the Story Points for that Story. If not, more discussion, refinement of clarification is probably needed. Afterwards, everyone can vote again.
Poker request in Slack
Request Poker points

Poker request in Slack
Slack Poker options

Our Benefits

for managers

for Management

  • Align strategy to operational teams
  • Know the effects of decisions before they are made
for product owners

for Product Management

  • Objectively prioritize work for value
  • Communicate progress based on Continuous Roadmaps in real-time
for stakeholders

for Stakeholders

  • Stay on top of progress
  • Understand how work is prioritized and why

What people say about us

Taskstreamer increases efficiency on prioritizing and adding value. It helps our planning and structures discussion. Taskstreamer gives an easy overview what is going on and what dependencies to manage. We could plan our entire organization in Taskstreamer.
Independant user research February 2020 - Intergamma
Taskstreamer enabled us to align our teams and have them collaborate on our roadmap efficiently.
Arthur van Weeren - Head of Technology & Innovation
Arthur van Weeren Intergamma

Use for free

You can use Taskstreamer for free for up to 10 users. No credit card required.