Stakeholder, stay on top of progress and understand how work is prioritized

Taskstreamer offers Software as a Service for Stakeholders that maximizes value and insights for your entire organization
Taskstreamer process for Stakeholder

How it works for Stakeholders



Your custom ideation workflow lets you define ideas, have your organization vote on them and convert to Features for all the involved teams

Ideation uses a 11 step discovery flow with persona's, problem definition, impact analysis, value statement, hypothesis, expected outcome, metrics, mission or goal alignment, evidence, intert and expected size of work. Each of these factor can be used to stay in tune with the Product Owners or Product Maangers you work with.
Ideation Board


Access Feature Backlog

Within a value group (or department) teams work together and share their Feature Backlog. It shows all the Features, the teams working on them, what the team dependencies are, their value, effort and priority in a single overview.

Before working on a Feature it should be approved by all necessary teams so everybody is on board.

As a Stakeholder you can see if your initiatives are present, approved (or not) and in progress (or blocked) and act upon that information.
Central epic backlog
Feature Backlog


Understand the Roadmap

Stay up to date with our Continuous Roadmap. We call it continuous since it is updated in real-time with every information update that is made.

Whenever a team is faster (or slower) than expected, new value is discovered, dependencies or strategies change, our algorithm calculates the new optimal sequence in which to do things. Every team can be updated for their next sprint to achieve maximum value.

Our roadmap is an actual view on data, not some Gantt chart someone tries to make fit through drag and drop features.
Continuous roadmap
Continuous Roadmap

Now next later
Now, Next, Later view

Our Benefits

Only for you?

Most roles in your organization can profit from using our Software next to Stakeholders.

Learn about the benefits for other roles so you can include them in your train of thought.
for managers

for Management

  • Align strategy to operational teams
  • Know the effects of decisions before they are made
for product owners

for Product Management

  • Objectively prioritize work for value
  • Communicate progress based on Continuous Roadmaps in real-time

What people say about us

Taskstreamer increases efficiency on prioritizing and adding value. It helps our planning and structures discussion. Taskstreamer gives an easy overview what is going on and what dependencies to manage. We could plan our entire organization in Taskstreamer.
Independant user research February 2020 - Intergamma
Taskstreamer enabled us to align our teams and have them collaborate on our roadmap efficiently.
Arthur van Weeren - Head of Technology & Innovation
Arthur van Weeren Intergamma

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