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Taskstreamer offers Software as a Service for Managers that maximizes value and insights for your entire organization
Taskstreamer process for managers

How it works for Managers


Define your Strategy

Strategy gives direction to your company. But often the link to execution is missing or has too little influence to actual steer.

Taskstreamer allows you to use OGSM or OKR as formal strategy methods and Themes to define strategic programs.




Define Value Bucket Model

Use the Value Bucket Model to be able to prioritize your work for value. The model is defined by Management together with Product Owners based on your KPI's.

Creating value model is done in 3 steps: set, normalize and weigh your value parameters.

Taskstreamer translates the actual value for Epics to a score for you for easy communication with Stakeholders.
Value Bucket Model
Value Bucket Model input


Link Strategy to Epics

Strategy is not set in stone and your preferences will change over time. It is important that execution can be influenced in their prioritization.

By linking Features to Strategy, you can see when work is expected to be done based on the Continues Roadmaps that Taskstreamer generates. Everytime an Epic is updated, its entire impact will be shown.

So now you know where to act.
Link epics to strategy
Link Features to Strategy


Run what-if scenarios

So you think a change in priorities is necessary. Usually when an Epic gets a higher priority to be delivered sooner, other Features will have to wait. Do you know which ones? Probably not. Is that acceptable to you? Do you want to know what the effects are of your decision beforehand?

Taskstreamer lets you run what-if scenarios with different Strategy and Theme weights, a change in Value Bucket Model, team capacity or to check the impact of new (not yet approved) Features. We will show you what the changes in priority will be and how that affects expected delivery windows.
What if analysis
What-if analysis


Tweak priorities

For each Strategy or Theme you get a Weight setting. The impact of this setting is defined in your Value Bucket Model and gives the Features linked to it, an extra score. This score is not related to effort, so the change is directly focussed to the final priority.

Once set the Feature Backlog the Product Owners work from, is re-ordered and the Continuous Roadmap re-calculated. Everybody knows that priorities have changed and how.
Set weights for prioritization
Set Strategy weight


Portfolio Planning

our Continuous Roadmap algorithm not only calculates the roadmap for a Value Group. It can show your entire Portfolio, all Value Groups combined. Every depedency.

Your entire organization at your fingertips. Filter on anything you like to zoom into specifics, but everything is connected and you'll know.
Continuous roadmap
Continuous Roadmap

Now next later
Now, Next, Later view

Our Benefits

Only for you?

Most roles in your organization can profit from using our Software next to Management.

Learn about the benefits for other roles so you can include them in your train of thought.
for product owners

for Product Management

  • Objectively prioritize work for value
  • Communicate progress based on Continuous Roadmaps in real-time
for stakeholders

for Stakeholders

  • Stay on top of progress
  • Understand how work is prioritized and why

What people say about us

Taskstreamer increases efficiency on prioritizing and adding value. It helps our planning and structures discussion. Taskstreamer gives an easy overview what is going on and what dependencies to manage. We could plan our entire organization in Taskstreamer.
Independant user research February 2020 - Intergamma
Taskstreamer enabled us to align our teams and have them collaborate on our roadmap efficiently.
Arthur van Weeren - Head of Technology & Innovation
Arthur van Weeren Intergamma

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